President Zardari was worried over Lala’s drinking habit:WikiLeaks

President Asif Ali Zardari was worried about the drinking habits of the Administrator Karachi, Lala Fazul Rehman .He objected to nomination of the Lala for the Administrator’s slot last year. Zardari was in doubt whether alcoholic Lala could perform his duty as administrator.
According to the new WikiLeaks disclosures, in February 2010 the Consul General of USA in Karachi Stephen has written a latter to Washington in which he mentioned about the details of the nominations of Lala Fazlur Rehman as administrator Karachi and Altaf Khatheri as administrator Hyderabad, The American Consul General also mentioned his talk with the then Home Secretary Arif Khan who had affiliation with MQM, that Arif told the USA CG that Lala Fazlur Rehman was addicted of alcohol, even then he was the best candidate as administrator for Karachi.
According to the CG’s letter Arif Khan said that whenever Lala was given any responsibility he could throw away his alcohol bottle and perform his duty efficiently. The former Home Secretary also said that President was also reluctant at that time on the Lala nomination. (Daily News)

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Ex-deputy director National Police Foundation remanded to police for 3 days

Civil Judge and Judicial Magistrate Rai Liaqyat Ali Kharal granted three- day physical remand of National Police Foundation (NPF) ex-deputy director housing.
On Monday Police officials produced Baksh before the court after his transitory physical remand by police. Police informed court that the case against all the accused was registered on charges of corruption, fraud and cheating. A police official informed court that Baksh, who was arrested on Saturday night, was remanded in police custody.
Khuda Baksh, who was allegedly involved in NPF land scam corruption of Rs 6 billion. According to police, however, the main accused, Pakistan Muslim League Nawaz (PML-N) Anjum Aqeel Khan was still at large and Shalimar police have launched a hunt for him.
Anjum Aqeel Khan
A First Information Report (FIR) was registered on July 4 against five persons including Khan, two former inspector generals of police (IGPs) Iftikhar Ahmed and Mian Amin, two former DIG’s, Abdul Hanan and Nafees Ahmed and Baksh.
The Shalimar police official informed court that case was registered against latter on the order of Supreme Court (SC), it is a suo motu case of June 21, and the SC had ordered managing director of the foundation to initiate action as the NPF committee had established irregularities and corruption in purchase of land. The Police official further apprised that the accused Baksh was involved in Rs 6 billion corruption in NPF land, during his service period. The official told the court that Khan`s company, Land Linkers, was chosen to procure land for the housing scheme in Islamabad`s Sector E-11 for police personnel.
The NPF officials and high-ups extended undue favours to PML legislator in the process of procuring land and instead of allotting plots among other police personnel they arbitrarily and illegally got 10 to 15 plots allotted in their own names. Police informed that the former managing director and other officials of the NPF were involved in irregularities in the procurement of land.
Vague agreements were made for the procurement of land without any final cut-off date for the supply of land and settlement of accounts by the NPF with Land Linkers.
The police official also said that that one of the abovementioned alleged persons has transferred the 608 kanal land to Capital Development Authority (CDA) but they transferred 563 kanal to CDA.
The land procured through Land Linkers was neither finally quantified by the previous NPF administration till last year nor was any effort made to resolve the issue of shortage of land/rendition of accounts with the company.
The defense counsel Raja Inam of the accused argued that his client was innocent and requested the court for removal of the name of Baksh from FIR. (Daily Times)
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FBR Arrested Main Accused in 265 Missing Container Scam

DG (I&I), Federal Board of Revenue has arrested a proclaimed offender in 265 missing containers scam Mr. Jamal Durrani from Faisalabad Railway Station. According to details, in July, 2007 Director General Intelligence and Investigation, FBR detected a mega scam of 265 missing containers. These containers were removed from Port Qasim Karachi for up country dry ports under the garb of transshipment consignments but never reached destination ports. Director General Intelligence and Investigation- FBR lodged 90 FIRs and arrested about 40 accused out of which 18 have been convicted so far.
The main accused Mr. Jamal Durrani was owner of the Clearing Agency M/s N.J International which has managed fraudulent removal of containers from Port Qasim. He was declared a proclaimed offender in March, 2010 as he absconded after obtaining bail from the court on medical grounds. Since then Directorate General Intelligence and Investigation, FBR was trying to grab the accused being king pin in the case.
According to sources DG Intelligence and Investigation, FBR received information that Jamal Durrani was seen in Faisalabad. The teams were deputed to mount surveillance in the suspected area and after hectic efforts Jamal Durrani was arrested near Railway Station Faisalabad after being absconded for more than a year and a half. During the investigation, it also transpired that the authority letter to the Port Qasim authorities had been issued in his name for clearance of the containers. Moreover, the financial investigations revealed that he had received more than Rs. 10 million in his bank accounts from other fraudsters involved in this scam. DG Intelligence and Investigation, FBR has now obtained 5 days remand of Jamal Durrani and further investigation is in progress
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Pakistani Film Star Sana In Tight Shirt with Sexy Jeans

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Pakistani Media Journalist dancing in US Embassy Islamabad

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Samaa TV Anchor Mehar Bukahri Enjoying with US Embassy’s official

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Asma Shirazi, Saima Mohsin and Mehar Bukhari in US Embassy Islamabad

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Is Veena’s double creating hype on cyberdome?

Sheerein Sheikh
Veena Malik has been controversial ever since she stepped in the Tinsel Town. Just as she began to gain fame, some porn site got flooded with topless images which, at the first glance, looked like Veena’s but were, actually of some girl who had sparkling resemblance with Veena Malik. And since the celebrity has gone in the reality show, Big Boss4, scandals like Veena dropped her camera accidentally before the camera, once again this time, are surfacing day by day. Attention or no attention, one can’t believe that any girl let alone a celebrity, would do something of this ind to gain attention. Thus, one tends to think that isn’t it Veena’s double back on the porn site, whose images someone is using, to conspire gainst Veena Malik on the cyberdome?
Have you ever thought about it that who do all the dirty allegations land on Veena’s lap only and why not there is news about what rubbish the rest of the contestants are upto? Well, that’s because no one’s paid for it and the goons who are making bucks are doing it for special gangs who have one-point agenda; to use Veena to defame Pakistan. Veena Malik has done only one flick which has been noticed after manifold flops! Yet she is the prime target solely because of being a Pakistani!
And thus the websites are filled with filth about Veen stating that Pakistan wannabe starlet has done it again, second time in a week as she seems to be losing control of herself or her clothes.
Amidst a full flash of cameras in the morning, dropped off the dress change. uncensored feed directly into the household has attained × 7 24. Feed someone sees before they get FCP editing tools. Prior to the layoffs and the harvest and the sensors, Who can see what is not Bigg Boss?
In the house, there’s a dark place where you get to the camera without suspecting. The buzz is that Veena probably felt that nobody was looking and felt very comfortable. And suddenly one of the housemates noticed a hidden camera and took pictures.
Or it might be a publicity stunt thrown by Veena. Well, if she was changing clothes, what was wrong with it? Don’t we change clothes every day? And if there was a hidden camera, then it must be hidden somewhere which Veena probably didn’t notice, if the pictures were of VEena for that matter! Besides, the hidden camera can only make videos not take snaps without a flash in a dark place!
But Veena Malik’s back with a fountain built in 6-7 times a day, the clothes changed again, was caught on the camera somehow. Around 20 seconds, Veena Malik was caught stark naked on the Big Boss House in the video while pictures are a separate issue altogether. As it all doesn’t make sense and provided if readers are to think why Veena got caught offguard again, well, folks, only we know the first tale, she is in the House and unaware of what negative hype is going on, not most probably but definitely by someone playing dirty with her! Veena, watch out! (Daily Mail)
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